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Reinforced Tarpaulin

Our reinforced tarpaulin is the most popular ready-made tarp. This strong and high-density tarpaulin is 100% water-resistant. With special reinforcement at each corner and stapled grommets, our tarpaulin is stronger than ever. It will withstand repeated exposure to sunlight thanks to our remarkable UV coating, which covers both sides of fabric. We provide a large selection of tarpaulins. The different sizes, colors, and forms are available for customization at your request. If you’re looking for a quality tarpaulin at the best price, you can do no better than a SHANDONG RUNYI tarpaulin. As the industry’s leading experts, we are proud to be the 1 supplier of the best ready-made tarps.


Tear Resistant

100% Water Resistant

Rust-proof grommets

UV(Ultra Violet) on both sides

Arctic Flexibility

High Flexibility

Weave: 6×6 ~ 16×16

Denier : 650D ~ 2,000D

Size : Wide ranges of sizes are available

Color : Any color is available

Shape : Round, Oval, Rectangle, and etc.