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Scaffolding Sheet

Our transparent Scaffolding Sheets allow for the transmission of natural light, which improves working environments for construction. It can be used for all types of buildings, units, and garages. Specially designed to resist rips, tears, and punctures.Our Scaffolding Sheets are ideal for cold, windy weather. The fire-retardant scaffolding sheets are available to protect against static electricity. As one of the leading suppliers of Scaffolding Sheets around the world, we are proud to introduce to you our Scaffolding Sheets.



Tear Resistant

100% Water Resistant

UV(Ultra Violet) on both sides

FR(Fire Retardant)

Arctic Flexibilit

Weave: 3x3

Denier : 650D ~ 2,000D

Diameter of holes – 15m/m

Distance between holes – 10~20cm

Size : Wide ranges of sizes are available

Color : Leno with blue/green/white band

Webbing: – 1,000 Denier, P.E. Tarpaulin,

Pre-punched holes in webbing.