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Ground cover

Our 100% waterproof ground cover, also known as a geomembrane, has multiple applications. The typical applications are containment ponds and pools, waste lagoons, oil fields, landfill caps, spill containments, remediation, and fracking. The woven inner core layer provides dimensional stability with impressive tensile and tear strength, while both outer layers are coated with UV protection, hydrostatic resistance, and ozone and oxidation resistance treatments. With excellent flexibility and slope stability characteristics, our ground cover is easy to install and handle. Contact us to explore more of our ground cover products!


Tear Resistant
100% Water Resistant
UV(Ultra Violet) on both sides
Slope Stability
High Flexibility
Weave: 7×7 ~ 16×16
Denier : 650D ~ 2,000D
Size : Wide ranges of sizes are available
Color : Black