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Concrete curing blanket

Our concrete curing blanket is a woven tarpaulin envelope with internal insulation for maximum protection. Our blanket insulation is carried fully to the edge, offering complete coverage. The movement of blanket insulation can be prevented with eyelets all around the blanket. The blanket is 100% waterproof and flame-retardant. It ensures the insulation of hydration heat during the early stages of concrete curing. Let us offer this innovative curing blanket to you!


Tear Resistant
100% Water Resistant
Light Weight
Woven tarpaulin with internal insulation
High Flexibility
Weave: 7×7 ~ 16×16
Denier : 650D ~ 2,000D
Size : 3′ x 10′ ~ 12′ x 22′
Color : Orange, White, Blue, Black