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BBQ grill cover

Our premium grill cover is made up of 100% waterproof material. It will withstand strong winds, pouring rain, and heavy snow. The excellent UV protection prevents the cover from fading so it will last longer. Surprisingly lightweight, the cover is easy to handle. The Velcro straps make the grill cover tighter and keeps the cover from being blown away by wind. The inner side of the cover is very soft, providing extra care for the grill. Last but not least, it fits perfectly! You will know it’s good once you see our grill cover. Our premium grill cover is a total game-changer!


Tear Resistant
100% Water Resistant
UV(Ultra Violet) on both sides
Weave: 7×7 ~ 16×16
Denier : 650D ~ 2,000D
Size : XS, S, M(s), M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL
Color : D.Grey, Black, D.Blue, Beige
Shape : 2-Burner, 3-Burner, Kettle, and etc